In the long run, a manager can only be successful if he / she knows his / her team is sustainable.

And this process of "follower education" is really not easy to implement and keep. Too different are the people, with their personal backgrounds and experiences, with their "cerebral imprints" (more rational or more emotional), the cultural "programming", the year of birth or the generation (eg Digital Immigrant or Digital Native) etc. 

Prof. Dr. Kohler can be there for you or for your company as a business analyst, management consultant / trainer or objective Business sparring partner. 

Here is an excerpt of selected offers:

(International) Team Analysis

Preparation and Execution: Team Setup and Team building
(German or English language: Presentation, Seminar and Workshop)

Team development
(German or English language: Presentation, Seminar and Workshop)

Gummibärchen und Liebe® Die Herausforderungen im Rahmen der multikulturellen Teamführung
(German Presentation: 1 hour | Seminar: 5-8 hours)